The Greatest Dharma King in Buddhist History to be Recognized
According to The Rules of Buddhism -- An Ancient Buddha

Twelve Brief Points Contained in the Book:

  1. The first Buddha in history to have received such a large number of recognitions and written congratulations from great dharma kings and rinpoches of the highest order in the world. (This is based on much evidence starting from page 105 of this book.)

  2. The first ancient Buddha in history to have been recognized as having such a high status. (This is based on much evidence starting from page 105 of this book.)

  3. The first ancient Buddha in history who has shown such outstanding and complete proficiency and mastery of exoteric Buddhism, esoteric Buddhism, and the Five Vidyas, which nobody else has ever done. (This is based on much evidence starting from page 140 of this book.)

  4. The first ancient Buddha in history who has manifested such a large number of holy feats. (This is based on much evidence starting from page 140 of this book.)

  5. Buddhas bestowed nectar from the sky into a bowl in front of several dozen dharma teachers, persons of great virtue, and others. (There is videotape of that entire process. Please see material starting on page 218 of this book.)

  6. When transmitting dharma to disciples, predictions were made as to when those disciples would become accomplished in the dharma. Those disciples were able to take a trip to the Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss. After they returned to the human realm, they passed on to that paradise at the predicted time. (There is videotape of this. Please see page 237 of this book.)

  7. Many incarnations of extremely famous and virtuous patriarchs from Tibet and other countries are disciples of this ancient Buddha (This is based on much true evidence starting from page 466 of this book.)

  8. Dragon spirits, birds, and land animals became disciples of and came to hear dharma discourses of this ancient Buddha. (There are records and newspaper reports of this starting on page 159 of this book.)

  9. At a dharma assembly attended by many people during which offerings were made to the Buddhas, nectar pills that partially filled a bowl suddenly increased in number about one hour after the dharma assembly began. Even after some of those nectar pills were distributed as blessings to the fifty-nine people in attendance, the nectar pills that remained in the bowl still formed a dome that rose above the brim of the bowl and were still greater in number than at the beginning of the dharma assembly. (There is videotape of this. Please see page 223 of this book.)

  10. Manifesting the wisdom of a Buddha, wondrous multicolored sculptures and sculptures with mist inside them were created. Nobody else in the world can replicate such works. (Everyone is welcome to view that sculpted boulder, which is in the United States. Please see material starting on page 381 of this book.)

  11. The first ancient Buddha who benefits living beings but does not accept any offerings. (This is based on much evidence starting on page 193 of this book.)

  12. The only one who possesses Buddha-dharma that causes a disciple to attain enlightenment and liberation within two hours. It is the fastest Buddha-dharma practice whereby a disciple can enter and leave a Buddha-land at will. (Please see the testimonial of H.E. Kaichu Rinpoche and other material starting on page 478 of this book.)

Contents of the book

Truly Outstanding Dharma Kings, Rinpoches, and Eminent Monastics in the World Today Who Are Incarnations of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas

Brief Buddhist Lineage Refuge Tree

Dorje Chang Buddha Lineage Refuge Tree

Brief Description of the Incarnation of Dorje Change Buddha

Brief Introduction to H.H. Dorje Change Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu Holiest Tathagata

THE Real Meaning of The Five Vidyas

Recognitions in Accordance with the Dharma

They Will Oppose This Precious Book

Explanation of the Publishers

Blue Platform Verification

CATEGORY 1:  Recognitions and Congratulations
CATEGORY 2:  The Virtue of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and Holy
CATEGORY 3:  The Holy Realization of the Holiest Tathagata
CATEGORY 4:  Supreme and Profound Buddha-Dharma That Is
CATEGORY 5:  Couplets
CATEGORY 6:  Calligraphy
CATEGORY 7:  Stone Seals
CATEGORY 8:  Classical Poetry and Songs
CATEGORY 9:  Vajra Needle That Eliminates Illness
CATEGORY 10: Healing Illnesses
CATEGORY 11: Medicine and Health Care Products
CATEGORY 12: Wondrous Multicolored Sculptures
CATEGORY 13: Faux Jade Plates
CATEGORY 14: Philosophical Sayings About Worldly Matters
CATEGORY 15: Classical Prose and Modern Poetry
CATEGORY 16: Academic Writings
CATEGORY 17: Hand-Sculpted Artwork
CATEGORY 18: Vocal Mastery
CATEGORY 19: Sculptures Containing Mysterious Mist
CATEGORY 20: Ancient-Looking Withered Vines
CATEGORY 21: Chinese Paintings
CATEGORY 22: Western Paintings
CATEGORY 23: Art Frames
CATEGORY 24: Designs of Buddha Images
CATEGORY 25: Tiles
CATEGORY 26: Decorative Wall Hangings
CATEGORY 27: Buildings and Decorative Landscape Scenes
CATEGORY 29: Technological Art
CATEGORY 30: Saving Living Beings by Liberating Them

Supernatural Powers in Buddhism

The Dharma of Cultivation

Persons of Great Holiness and Virtue Mentioned after the Main Subject


There are total 30 categories of the achievements by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III.
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