I Received Initiations from the Holiest Tathagata

  My master is H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu Holiest Tathagata. In the past, in order to end the cycle of reincarnation and learn the genuine Buddha-dharma, I gave up everything and traveled across the Pacific Ocean. After experiencing all sorts of bitterness and sorrow and going through various open and hidden observations and tests, I eventually received the tremendously wonderful Bodhi Holy Water from my Buddha Master and learned the genuine Buddha-dharma.

  My Buddha Master is the highest ancient Buddha and has come to this world voluntarily. This is something that extremely holy and virtuous incarnations of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have recognized according to the dharma by way of written certificates. It was not something recognized through simply the agreement of people in general, which would be meaningless. Over the past few thousand years, no person can compare with and no holy being can match His Holiness with respect to manifesting realization in this human realm. Why does the Buddha Master have such realization? The reason is that His Holiness is the Primordial ancestor of all of Buddhism, Dorje Chang Buddha III. Thus, whether it be a Buddha or Great Bodhisattva, who could be higher than Dorje Chang Buddha?

  There are other holy feats that I have experienced before, but right now I will only relate a magnificent event showing the blessing power of Bodhi Holy Water.

  On August 22, 2004, we celebrated the birthdays of the Holy Mother and a person of great virtue. We did so by holding a fish-releasing activity on the coast of Southern California. We bought from a fish dealer live fish that are specially used as bait and released them back into the ocean. I was in charge that day of the dharma rituals to be performed during that fish-releasing activity. I respectfully brought out and sprinkled Bodhi Holy Water into the fishpond to purify it and bless the fish. Within three seconds after I sprinkled Bodhi Holy Water into the pond, a small fish from that pond suddenly jumped six feet high and flew over the five-foot-wide embankment into the ocean. Joshua Bernstein, a lay disciple from North Carolina, witnessed that scene. He was completely astonished and marveled at what he had just seen. At the end of the fish-releasing rituals, he told everybody about that event.

  There was an even more unexpected scene during the fish-releasing activity. The hundreds of sea birds present were simply standing still and observing or were circling in the air. Also, dozens of pelicans were standing lifelessly on the embankment. Even a group of sea lions were just swimming far away without coming closer. This was completely different from their normal conduct of rushing over to fight for and prey upon the fish just released. They would normally fight for and prey upon the fish just released no matter what method we used to drive them away. It seemed as if there was an invisible protective shield in the air above and on the surface of the ocean that protected the lives of those thousands of small fish, enabling them to swim away safely and avoid being attacked by their natural enemies. Throughout the entire process, not a single fish was seen to have died. This was truly miraculous. The blessing power of Bodhi Holy Water was simply as great as this! After news of this wondrous event spread, reporters came to interview witnesses, and the story was published in the Chinese American Times (please see the newspaper of August 27, 2004).

  On April 2, 2006, I set up a mandala for a disciple of mine, Chi Kai, at his home in Taiwan. When I was purifying the mandala by sprinkling Bodhi Holy Water, the mandala suddenly illuminated brightly. A non-human living being saw this holy scene and came to seek refuge in me.

  When the non-human living being arrived, he could not open his eyes and was effectively blind. After I applied Bodhi Holy Water to bless him, his karmic obstacles were instantly washed away. He suddenly opened his eyes and was able to see things without a problem. This non-human living being was extremely grateful and made a vow to practice Buddhism diligently. He stated that the reason he came to seek refuge was that he knew this place had the genuine Buddha-dharma.

  ”How did you know?” I asked.

  ”The light of the true Buddha-dharma is different from the light of any evil dharma,” he replied. “The light of the Bodhi Holy Water was extremely bright and has very great blessing power,” he also mentioned.

  Another disciple of mine named Phillip, who lives in San Jose, U.S.A., had an accident due to slipping on the road in the rain. His car overturned and was completely destroyed, but he did not suffer any injury. Because he was wearing a vajra string blessed by Bodhi Holy Water, a tragedy was avoided.

  There is more that I witnessed besides the awe-inspiring power of Bodhi Holy Water. The power of the Buddha Master’s Buddha-dharma was particularly evident that day when His Holiness performed an initiation for me. Ordinary water turned into Bodhi Holy Water. No bowl in this world capable of containing water can hold such holy water. That holy water penetrated through the bowl and flowed out of it. Moreover, it constantly changed, coalescing in response to oral orders by His Holiness and separating in response to oral orders by His Holiness. My Buddha Master of supreme brilliance cannot be simply regarded as a Great Dharma King or a great master of esoteric Buddhism or the highest leader of exoteric Buddhism! As those holy and virtuous ones stated, His Holiness is the highest leader of Buddhism in the dharma realm. What does it mean to be Dorje Chang Buddha III? Such a being is the highest Buddha in all of Buddhism!

  On another occasion, wonderful karmic conditions that are difficult to encounter in millions of eons matured one day when my most honored Buddha Master fulfilled a wish of mine that I had been dreaming about for many years concerning receiving great dharma. The Buddha Master performed for me the Selection of Karmic Affinity Dharma and the profound Great Perfection Holiest Essence Elimination of Karmic Obstructions Initiation, both of which belong to the vajra division.

      That day, I walked into the mandala and very piously and respectfully presented to the Buddha Master a khata (white silk scarf) and an offering. I knelt before the dharma dais as I respectfully listened to a discourse by the Buddha Master. The first ceremony to be performed was based upon the profound ear transmission dharma. In this ceremony, one dharma is selected among ten different dharmas. This selection of karmic affinity dharma is the source of many other dharmas. Any master who has the realization of an extremely holy and virtuous being must perform such a dharma ceremony for his or her disciples. This is the supreme and genuine Drawing a Slip From a Golden Vase Dharma.

  While seated on the dais, the Buddha Master wrote down on ten separate pieces of paper the seed syllable “Ah” from which my karmic affinity would be selected. The Buddha Master then gave to me those pieces of paper. I wrote down my name on the outer margin of each of those pieces of paper containing that seed syllable. I also wrote down a different number on the outer margin of each piece of paper. I then went to a place where there was no other person and cut the seed syllable out of each piece of paper.

  I cut the seed syllables out by cutting around the edges of each of the ten seed syllables. The shape of the paper that was cut out was different for each of the seed syllables. Cutting the seed syllables out also resulted in ten separate pieces of paper that were the outer margins of the original pieces of paper and that still had my name and a number on them. After I cut out the seed syllables, I immediately used my fingers and much force to roll each one of those pieces of paper with a seed syllable on it into a ball the size of a tiny pill. I then put each of those balls of paper into the dharma container, the inside of which was like a golden vase. Ten separate seed syllables were cut out, each of which was rolled into a tiny paper ball, and all ten paper balls were put into the dharma container. With no other person watching, I placed inside my inner robes those ten outer-margin pieces of paper with a hole in the middle. I took off my outer robe, covered the dharma container with that robe, and with both hands carried the dharma container into the mandala.

  At this time, the Buddha Master was sitting upright on the dharma dais and appeared quite majestic. His Holiness immediately began practicing dharma. After finishing that practice of the dharma, His Holiness revealed, “The dharma you will select is number . . . dharma. Take out one of the paper balls and see.”

  The Buddha Master instructed me to reach out and draw a tiny ball of paper from the dharma container, which was still covered by my outer robe. His Holiness also instructed me to unroll that ball of paper carefully and spread it out as evenly as possible. After I did those things, I took out those ten outer-margin pieces of paper with a hole in the middle that I had hidden in my inner robes and found the one whose number corresponded with the number the Buddha Master just mentioned. I then placed the piece of paper with the seed syllable on it that I had just drawn into that outer-margin piece of paper with a hole in the middle to see if they would match. As expected, the contour of the cut out seed syllable paper completely matched the contour of the hole in the middle of that outer-margin piece of paper. The seed syllable paper indicating karmic affinity that I had just drawn from the dharma container corresponded exactly with the dharma number the Buddha Master predicted. This truly is unimaginably magnificent Buddha-dharma. What power made me correctly select that particular ball of paper from among all ten balls of paper? It was totally beyond my control.

  The Buddha Master then said, “Roll that paper with the seed syllable on it indicating karmic affinity that you just drew back into a tiny ball as before and put it in the dharma container.”   

  As instructed, I again rolled that piece of paper with the seed syllable on it into a tiny paper ball and put it in the dharma container. The Buddha Master then shook the dharma container and casually drew a tiny paper ball from it. My outer robe covered the dharma container during this entire process before the Buddha Master drew a tiny paper ball from it. Nobody could see what was in the dharma container. Even if what was in the dharma container could have been seen, there would have been no way to differentiate those tiny balls of paper that contained the same seed syllable. Even I could not possibly have discerned which paper ball corresponded to which number. This it true even though I cut all of them out, rolled them into balls, opened one of them up and spread it out evenly. 

  With both my hands, I received the tiny ball of paper that the Buddha Master had just drawn from the dharma container. I opened it up carefully and matched it with that same outer-margin piece of paper with the hole in the middle. It perfectly matched the outer-margin piece of paper. The Buddha Master drew the exact same paper with the seed syllable on it that I had drawn a moment earlier which corresponded to the predicted dharma number. I took the other nine tiny paper balls out of the dharma container, opened each one up, and spread each one out. Each of those nine differently shaped pieces of paper containing that seed syllable perfectly matched one of the nine outer-margin pieces of paper on which a number other than the predicted number was written. There was not one incorrect match.

  Think about this! I do not have the ability or realization to draw the exact seed syllable ball of paper that corresponded to the selection of karmic affinity predicted by the Buddha Master. After I drew that tiny ball of paper, I put it back into the dharma container. The Buddha Master then confirmed this selection of karmic affinity process by casually drawing the exact same piece of paper that I had drawn a moment earlier. What type of Buddha-dharma is this? The only answer is that it is the holiest Great Perfection On-the-Spot Drawing a Slip From a Golden Vase Selection of Karmic Affinity Initiation, which entails manifestation of the highest realization. I have kept those ten pieces of paper with the seed syllable on them as well as the then outer-margin pieces of paper with a hole in the middle. They are truly rare dharma treasures.

  After the selection of karmic affinity initiation successfully concluded, the dharma to eliminate karmic obstructions was performed. I personally washed the dharma bowl and the dharma cups. I then filled the dharma bowl with pure water and put it in the middle of the mandala. I placed one dharma cup on either side of the bowl. Holding a dharma instrument that had been washed clean, the Buddha Master scooped out pure water from the bowl and poured that water into both dharma cups. His Holiness then instructed me to pour offering water into my mouth, but I was not permitted to swallow that water. 

  The Buddha Master began to chant mantras and practice dharma. When I spit into one of the cups half of the water that was in my mouth, the water that I spit out was clear and fully transparent. After practicing dharma again, the Buddha Master said, “Spit out all of the water that is in your mouth. This time it is for the elimination of karmic obstructions.” I spit out all of the offering water that remained in my mouth. This time the water that I spit out was an orange-yellow color.

  The power of the Buddha-dharma is truly inconceivable. Those two dharma cups contained purified water from the same dharma bowl. I held in my mouth one mouthful of water. From that one mouthful of water, I spit out water twice. The results were totally different. One cup showed no karmic obstructions, while the other cup showed karmic obstructions.  

  This highest and magnificent Buddha-dharma is truly so profound! Such profound and genuine dharma can only be performed and manifested by my most honorable Buddha Master due to his perfect realization and merit.

  Duozha Xinxiong

  Respectfully recorded the above true stories

  (This is a complete translation of the Chinese text that follows originally written and signed by Duozha Xinxiong.)