Not Being Affected by Any Damaging Substance in the World

      We have been following H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III for many years. Although our self-cultivation has not been fruitful, we have gained some insight into the saying “Not being affected by any damaging substance in the world.” After all, we have witnessed many holy feats while following H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III.

  One day fellow disciples Mark Lin from Seattle and Ming-Chi Wei from Thailand had an audience with our Buddha Master, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, and requested to participate in a project at His Holiness’s mandala. The Buddha Master told them, “In consideration of your level of realization and the condition of your health, you will not be able to handle the work at the mandala.” The laymen respectfully asked, “Those bukkhunis can do it even though they are thin and petite. Why can’t we?” H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III expounded, “You are no comparison to them. They have no problems with it because they are immune to the influence of the damaging substances. This mandala has an extremely powerful force and a form of gas so strong that the two of you will not be able to handle it in the physical conditions of ordinary beings.”

  It turned out that layman Lin and layman Wei purchased complete sets of protective gear covering them from head to toe. They tried them on, showed them to the Buddha Master and said, “We need not fear now. We are under the full armor protection so that even poison gas will have no effect on us.” The Buddha Master grinned and said, “The ones who really don’t need to fear are these petite disciples of mine. You won’t make it. You would be like dough men who couldn’t survive even wind and waves, not to mention the powerful force of the mandala. In two days, we will have two generals with big heads, huge ears and eyes that barely open.” The two fellow laymen told us, “How can it be possible? You have been following the Buddha Master for so long and never had problems at the mandala. Could it be that we are really terrible?” The next day, there were more than ten of us entering the mandala. As predicted, the two laymen’s faces started to deform after they worked at the mandala. Their ears became huge, their mouths were shifted in place and their entire facial features were deformed. In less than three days, their heads and faces had grown by one-third, their eyes were too swollen to open, and they could barely see where they were going. They could even hardly recognize the people standing in front of them. Their body and facial features had totally deformed. The outcome was totally as predicted by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. Two big-head generals had appeared. Layman Wei said, “This is truly a personal reformation?” Nevertheless, all of us who have been cultivating ourselves around the Buddha Master turned out to be safe. The two laymen had full protective gear on including gas masks. On the other hand, what we put on was the most basic and simple things. However, the Five Skandas and the demonic hindrance of poison gas had no effect on us at all. Those of us who have followed the Buddha Master closely in self-cultivation are truly different from others. This is a true account of what we have witnessed first hand and how we personally experienced the so-called “not being affected by any damaging substance in the world.”

  Buddhist disciples,

  Jian Hui Shih

  Zheng Hui Shih

  The words stated above are what we personally experienced at the vajra mandala. Everything stated is true. If what we stated is false, we will forever not become accomplished and will receive bad karmic retribution. If what we stated is true, we will dedicate the resulting merit to all living beings in six realms that they soon become accomplished and liberated

  Buddhist disciples, 

  Mark Lin

  Ming-Chi Wei

  (This is a complete translation of the Chinese text that follows originally written and signed by Jian Hui Shih, Zheng Hui Shih, Mark Lin, and Ming-Chi Wei.)

A recent photograph of Mark Lin on the left and Ming-Chi Wei on the right. 

Unable to withstand awesome vajra power in the mandala, the head of Ming-Chi Wei becomes larger and his facial features change.